I am trying to stream around european day times, but I am a nightowl and my rythm switches back and forth - so you find me starting either somewhere between 8am EDT (2pm CEST) - 2pm EDT (7pm CEST) or late at night ~ 7pm EDT (1am CEST). I'm usually live for 6-8 hrs.
I'm announcing the stream start every day on Twitter!

Saturday (EDT) is my day off (usually no stream).
Friday (EDT) is variety day! Therefore usually no Hearthstone.
Hearthstone deck tryouts happen currently casually, they will be announced on Twitter.

Streams might start earlier and end later. We will almost always start with Hearthstone, but might switch sooner or later (usually after max. 4 hours) to another game.

Currently played as alternative program:

Some other retro / indie / mini games might be played.

Games we'll probably play:

Hearthstone Deck Tryouts

Once a week (usually Monday (EDT)) I will play decks submitted by viewers to try them out and maybe review and refine them. Please send your decks to playmydeck[at]!